LCI Father’s Day Fishing Derby

Scientist Confirms 14-Year-Old Boy's LCI Lakeshore Ace Laker the Oldest Recorded Lake Trout in Champlain's History


Hi James [LCI Executive Director],

It's great to see the derby results so far with all those big lake trout, as well as the 9.41 lb salmon.  Patrick Dupont Proudly Displays his Record Breaking 15.9lb Lake Trout Caught during the LCI Father's Day Fishing Derby

Capt. Brad Young called from Shelburne Shipyard to tell me that the current leading and derby record 15.9 lb lake trout had a tag. The tag number revealed a good deal of information on the history of this fish.

We collected, tagged and released this lake trout in Whallon Bay during our annual electrofishing survey on November 5, 1997. The fish had a left ventral fin clip and measured 27.4 inches in length at the time it was tagged (it wasn't weighed).

Based on its size in 1997 and its fin clip, this fish was stocked as a yearling in 1991.  That makes it 19 years old!  I have handled and heard about several lake trout in this size range in recent years, but it's pretty safe to say that this one is the oldest documented Lake Champlain lake trout so far.

I'd also like to point out that while we are again experiencing the benefits of comprehensive sea lamprey control, this record lake trout is really a testament to the success of the experimental control program in the 1990's. 

Lake trout are most vulnerable to being killed by sea lamprey attacks during their early years at relatively small sizes (up to about 25 inches in length).  As they grow older and larger, they are able to withstand most attacks.  This fish (and many like it) spent its vulnerable years during the period of reduced sea lamprey abundance in the '90s.  That has resulted in many more lake trout surviving to the older ages and larger sizes that we are now seeing. 

Since lake trout are capable of living considerably longer than this 19 year old, and with continued sea lamprey control, Lake Champlain's future as a trophy fishery should get better and better.

Congratulations to Patrick Dupont for his historic catch and thanks to LCI for showcasing the diversity and quality of Lake Champlain's fisheries.


LCI Little Anglers Celebrate with Bobber Bob


LCI's Bobber Bob and LCI Little Anglers 2009More than 60 children turned out for the 10th LCI Little Anglers Derby presented by Ray's Seafood Market and Restaurant at the Colchester Point Fishing Access in Vermont, yesterday, June 20th.

They were joined by LCI conservation education and fishing heritage mascot, Bobber Bob, who presented all the children with a free fishing pole and reel courtesy of Sheryl Dunkling of Ray's Seafood, an LCI volunteer who coordinated the event with longtime LCI volunteer Karl Hubbard of Shelburne, Vermont.

The free event was started a decade ago to give children a chance to participate in the LCI Father's Day Derby presented by Yamaha who otherwise would not be able to do so. More than 500 fishing rods have been given to youngsters by LCI and generous supporters like Sheryl and Ray's Seafood since the event's inception .

North Hero, VT's 14-year-old Patrick Dupont Lays Claim to the $28,000 Lakeshore Ace Laker in LCI

ShareThisPatrick Dupont Proudly Displays his 15.9lb Lake Trout Caught during the LCI Father's Day Fishing DerbyPatrick Dupont of North Hero, VT shows off his 15.9-pound lake trout, currently the leading contender for the $28,000 Lakeshore Ace Laker after the first day of the three-day event, which draws 5500 people from more than 30 states.

Caught while fishing with his brother Benjamin and father, Larry, the fish is potentially worth nearly $40,000 in cash and nearly another $20,000 in prizes, including two Starcraft boats and two Yamaha outboard engines in the 28th Annual LCI Father's Day Derby presented by Yamaha.

Another 15+ Pound Lake Trout


A Nice Note From an LCI Angler

Hello [LCI], Terence White of Ryegate, VT Displays his 15.4lb Lake Trou

I would like to take a moment and share my thoughts with you in regards to fishing for Lake Trout in Lake Champlain.

I have been fishing in the lake for several years now, and I wanted to comment that it appears that the Lake trout are fairing much better than in years past. The size range is increasing every year and the signs of lamprey also appears to be less apparent.

  I fished on the lake June 5th and 6th of this year (2009) and was able to land 17 lake trout. Only 5 had recent signs of lamprey marks, 1 actually still had a lamprey attached when it got to the boat and the rest looked to be in good overall condition.

I generally register for the Father's Day Derby and this year I only wish I had registered for the Rotary Tournament. I was able to land a large Lake Trout just North of Juniper Island on June 5th around 2:30 p.m. Although it was not verified by any Rotary officials or officially weighed in, the trout measured 34 1/2" in length and just over 15 lbs. (15.4lbs on my digital scale). I have included a photo of this lake trout and other then a lamprey mark near it's tail fin, it was a pretty healthy looking lake trout.

Lake Champlain International, Inc.’s Fishing For Friends Donations to HowardCenter Reach Nearly $27,000


Fishing For Friends Logo

$25,000 Goal for Fishing For Friends Mentoring Program Reached

Contact: James Ehlers
Lake Champlain International, Inc.

Kristen Hayden-West
Community Friends Mentoring

Burlington, VT
—Lake Champlain International, Inc.(LCI), organizer of the LCI Fishing Derbies, presented a check in the amount of $8,222 to HowardCenter for 2008. The donation is part of an ongoing effort to benefit Fishing For Friends—a partnership between Lake Champlain International, Inc. and Community Friends Mentoring, a program of HowardCenter, to connect children with qualified adults through fishing.

“Thank you for your continued support and visibility, which together allow us to sustain and expand the Community Friends Mentoring program. Generosity like LCI’s is not common and is treasured when it is received. We celebrate your vision in honoring the children we serve,” said HowardCenter Executive Director Todd Centybear.

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