LCI Testimonials

"I fish the LCI Derby every year. It allows me quality time with my wife and children while getting to do what I love best, enjoy the great outdoors. I traveled all the way from Afghanistan this year to be a part of the long weekend, and the 7000-mile trip was well worth it!"
-- Ron Lacoste, LCI Angler

"Last year was my first derby. I have fished on lakes before but not in your derby. We both love to fish and this past experience with the Derby was just great."
-- Harold Sheldon, LCI Angler

"Thank you for your time and the effort that your staff has put in to create a tournament for everyone. I fish these derbies because I love to fish, and what better than to have a chance at getting paid to do what you love to do."
-- James Meacham & family, LCI Anglers

"My name is Ron Wood, and I have been fishing the LCI derby for the last three years. This year I was fortunate enough to place second in the warm water team division and 9th place in the Extraordinary category."
-- Ron Wood, LCI Angler

"Let me first start off by saying I love Vermont and all its natural beauty. Vermonters are also very lucky to have Lake Champlain. It is one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever fished. "
-- William and Catherine Boucher, LCI Anglers

"Lake Champlain is a unique fishery that reels my family in year after year. I always come to the LCI Derbies for the opportunity to compete for prizes but that's just a bonus because the lake and the whole area are very inviting on their own."
-- Adrien Lavoie, LCI Angler

"It's a privilege to fish the LCI Derby. Lake Champlain has some of the best fishing in the northeast in a beautiful setting. It's great to see all the families out fishing having a great time."
-- Randy Gagne, LCI Angler

"Like I always say, you can keep Christmas, I'll take Derby weekend!"
-- Keith Darby, LCI Angler

The LCI Father's Day Derby is a highlight of our summers. My son and I fish the derby with another friend and his boys. This annual event is so much more than just catching fish, it's about teaching our sons lessons in fishing and in life. Time spend on the water without today's distractions is priceless.
--Tom Murphy, LCI Angler