Operation Downspout

Operation Downspout

Stopping Water Pollution at the Source


When rain storms hit the basin, pavement, concrete, roofs, and other impenetrable surfaces cause rain water to shoot off into streams, rivers, and the lake.  This water, also known as stormwater, carries pollution into the lake and can strip aquatic creatures' habitat from the bottom of streams and rivers.

We can all easily prevent closed beaches, algae blooms, and E. coli breakouts, and protect our streams and rivers.   We can also limit the chances of overwhelming wastewater facilities with stormwater thereby reducing the possibility for wastewater plant overflows--who wants raw sewage in our Lake?

Here's how:

Use a downspout redirect to send water into your lawn instead of down the driveway.
Connect your downspout to a rainbarrel.  You can use the water it collects later to water plants or wash your car.  Be sure to direct its overflow hose into the lawn rather than down the driveway.
Prevent water pollution for good -- Certify your home as BLUE®!


Want to know more about water pollution runoff? Watch these videos: